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Frequently Asked Questions (FQA).

How do I enroll?

Please enroll with the Ms. Li Xingchen from the German Chamber of Commerce. After paying the fees, you will be granted access to the E-Learning platform.

Will I get a fapiao?

The e-learning is organized by the German Chamber of Commerce, which will issue a domestic invoice (fapiao) to you.

Are the exams difficult? What if I don't pass?

If you don’t pass the exam, you will be granted a second chance free of charge. If you don’t pass this second time, you will have to repurchase the respective course. The exams are open-book and clearly refer to the content of the training videos.

How about the project reports? Can they be rejected?

Yes, project reports may be rejected in case of formal errors in either editing or a wrong application of the Lean Six Sigma tools. In that case, you will receive a list of comments for improvement, and you have a second chance to submit your project report to us.

Are the training material and exams in English?

Yes, currently the entire certification program is in English. In the future, we might add Chinese subtitles or an entire Chinese course as well.

Do I need to submit the project report in English?

Yes, you are expected to submit the project report in English. Please ensure that the report is proof-read before submission.

How long does the project report need to be? Is it like a university thesis?

The project report can be quite short, but need to provide information on all steps of the Six Sigma DMAIC project cylce. It is not a scientific thesis, but the purpose is to show that you are able to deploy all Six Sigma tools in a correct way.

Do I need to buy other material such as books or software?

We do recommend some books to deepen your knowledge but they are not necessary to master the exams. In terms of software, you may use download R free of charge, or buy Minitab, or use both.

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Jack Welch
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W. Edwards Deming